Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Game 73 – Red Sox

Phillies 8, Red Sox 2
Record: 44-29

So all this hue and cry about Ryan Howard? I don’t get it. Seems to be swinging the bat okay to me. In fact, he appears to be a freaking monster.

Add a dollop of solid to very good starting pitching from Cole Hamels, mix in a skosh of ineffective mound work from Bartolo Colon, crumble in some toasted Mike Timlin, garnish with an injury to Kevin Youkilis and some outfielding adventures by Jacoby Ellsbury and you’ve got a tidy victory for the Philadelphia 9. And a pint of Guinness for Nick.

Not much to say after this one, other than, “Hey, fellas. When that big kid playing first base comes to the plate, how ‘bout we keep the fastballs up in the zone to a minimum?”


Nick said...

Not sure if you saw BBTN last night but Krukkie broke down the problem with Colon's approach in the first. He was throwing first ball fast balls clocking at 85mph to arguable the best fastball hitting team in the game. He seemed to recover a bit when he face Rollins the second time and started him off with breaking pitches that set up the fast ball away. It's no mystery really. I think Lester stymies them tonight. How did your boys fare with Jamie Moyer when he chucked in the AL?

rob said...

without the benefit of any objective evidence, i'm gonna say that they struggled against him, simply because he's lefthanded.

manny owns him, though.

Nick said...

Just checked baseball-reference.com.

The Sox have owned Jamie. His ERA is 6.83 or something obscene like that. Most recently in '06 he was 0-2 with a 7+ ERA.

Have fun tonight.