Monday, June 16, 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Games 69 through 71 - Phillies

Phils 20, Redbirds 2

Redbirds 3, Phils 2

Redbirds7, Phils 6

Record: 41 - 30

  • Ryan Howard has an astonishing 95 strikeouts in 263 at bats.

  • Ryan Howard has is having a typical productive year as a cleanup hitter with17 home runs and 58 RBI.

  • The Phillies lost the last two series - 1-2 @ Florida, 1-2 @ St. Louis.

  • The Phillies went 5-4 on their recent road trip and continue to be one of only (now) 4 teams to have a winning road record.

  • The Phillies are 41 and 30, in first place by 3 games over the Marlins.

  • Of those 30 losses, 11 came came when their staff "ace" Bret Myers has started.
Not sure what to do with all that. I guess I will count my blessings and pray for more of the unusual if it means we are in first.

Today is the long anticipated match up with the Evil Empire II. Some are billing this as a Fall Classic preview. That means some people are idiots.

Hamels on the hill vs. Colon tonight. I have to like Philly tonight.

Here it is boys. I don't want to overemphasize the series (as a safeguard against catastrophe - gotta have a Plan B.) However, there is no denying how much this means to the Phils.


rob said...

'evil empire ii'. that's just mean.

Nick said...

It was written with much jealousy and with toungue firmly planted in cheek.

I'd give Whitney's left nut for the Phillies to be Evil Empire III. Hell, let's just form the axis of evil and change the name of MLC.

rob said...

well, things are going swimmingly in philly.

rob said...

ryan howard, excited about bartolo colon's comeback.

Nick said...

Sorry, I was busy following the Iron Pigs game vs. the PawSox. I think its raining in Allentown.

Nick said...

Typical RyHo game. 2 home runs, a triple and 2 K's.

I kid because I love you Ryan.

rob said...

got my dad an ironpigs t-shirt for father'd day. he's got a bizarre and abiding affinity for pigs. he loved it.