Friday, June 13, 2008

The Bet

Game 69 - Red Sox

Red Sox 9, Orioles 2
Record: 42-27

(Backs slowwwly away from Whitney, turns to Nick)

Soooo, Nicholas. Our squads do battle at the intersection of Broad and Pattison next week. In the grand tradition of the late, very great Evan Lloyd - Phillies fan, Harley aficionado, world-class leghound, and all-around brilliant dude - I proffer to you the following wager:

Each game in the series is worth 6 malted beverages of the winner's choice. There is no offsetting, so a 2-1 Phils series victory would mean that I owe you 12 cold ones and you owe me 6. A series sweep means a bonus half-dozen for the victor.

You in?

(Note that the aforementioned Mr. Lloyd used to require this wager be conducted for full cases of beer, but the worldwide hops shortage and localized dollar shortage in my house have created a recessionary condition in the betting industry.)

Also, Sox win. Lowell, Drew, Youks go yard. Lester looks great. Jon Lester, not the eponymous MLC version. Yay, good guys.

Hatches are being battened for an epic onslaught of Boston-hating after Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Please be advised that while I am somewhat fond of the Celtics, I really don't care all that much about the NBA anymore and direct your hatred accordingly.


Nick said...

What you say intrigues me. May I make a counter proposal? Thanks.

I suggest that the each series win entitles the winner to a free drink at the Dub. I figured it is high time I met you. Mr. Doyle, if you are in the vicinity, you could join us as we mock Whit.

How about next Wednesday at say - 4:30ish?

If not, then we can go with your proposed wager.

Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you're entitled to! Oops sorry, channeling Col. Nathan Jessup.

TJ said...

I like beer. And the Dubliner. And mocking Whit.

I'm in.

rob said...

i'm in, as well. that's a fine plan.

Nick said...

Great! See you both on Wednesday then!

I will wear a Phils cap to help me stand out. I am rather nondescript otherwise.

TJ said...

rob will be the guy who looks like a jockey.

Whitney said...

Damn. I like drinking beer at the Dubliner and mocking me, too. I've pulled off longer odds, but I don't see any way I can make that. Say hello to Scott Carpenter for me, and maybe give me a call.

TJ said...

I'll be happy to oblige and drunk dial you from a bar midday. It's what they don't pay me for.

rob said...

my picture is at left. look for me.

rob said...

left, right. it's all the same.

TJ said...

Don't try to tell Bill O'Reilly that.

rob said...

crap. i just realized that wednesday stinks for me. can we do it the following tuesday?

Whitney said...

Somebody needs to get their priorities straight.

rob said...

yes, my "wife" has something to do at the "kids" school, and i need to be "home" to "parent" them. lame.