Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Very Short Story

Game 80 - Red Sox
Red Sox 5, Diamondbacks 4
Record: 48-32

Well, well, well, the tone of this post certainly changed dramatically in about 5 minutes. When I came home from a meeting to see the Sox down 4-1 against the immortal Doug Davis, the draft language here was, shall we say, overseasoned.

And then, baseball delivered. 3 consecutive 2-out hits turned a fizzling 8th-inning rally into a come-from-behind win, with the final blow administered by the dreadfully slumping Jason Varitek. All told, the Sox batted around in the inning, plating 4 runs to take the lead. When Jonathan Papelbon hushed the irrational whisperings of concern regarding his recent performances, all was well in my neighborhood.


rob said...

nick still asleep from staying up to watch west coast baseball?

Nick said...

I took in only a few innings before turning in.

Did I ever mention I hate interleague play?