Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Games 74 & 75 - Red Sox

Red Sox 3, Phillies 0
Red Sox 7, Phillies 4
Record: 46-29

Nice little division you got there, Nick and Whit. Shame we have to mess it up like that.

Crowing's not usually my style, but when you go and malign the President of Red Sox Nation* like my colleague in blog did yesterday, the rules go out the window. Jerry Remy, he of the dulcet tones and prodigious lip duster, represents all that is good and right with the game of baseball, and by extension, America. And J.D. Drew isn't gonna stand for any casual defamation of America.

Those are two pretty good wins for the Olde Towne Team, highlighted by two prodigiously studly performances by Jonathan Papelbon, good to very good outings by young starting pitchers, a timely piece of relief wizardry from Manny the Carmen, and the bad-assery of the aforementioned Mr. Drew, whose 4-for-5 this afternoon raises his average to .327 and pushes his .OPS over 1.000. The talk show morons on WEEI still hate him, though. Got no haaaht.

Nick, I look forward to your earnest apologies regarding the sainted Mr. Remy, and to finally meeting you in person on Monday. Guinness all around.

* Note - For the record, I find that designation and the non-stop flogging of the Nation egregiously distasteful.


Nick said...

Dear Rob-

My tail is properly tucked between my legs, my head bowed and my cheery dispostion greately diminished. I stand before you decisively conquered and beg your indulgence for my indescreet maligning of President Remy and the once and never Philly Mr. Drew.

It was a series that I think accurately demonstrates where the Phils are in terms of being a legitimate title contender. I knew we are not quite there yet.

Smarter hitting can probably overcome some of it. However, in a 7 game series, we are going to need more efforts like Hamels and less like Kendrick.

By the way, the disrespect I showed for Remy is based solely on his Bahston accent, nothing personal. I am dating myself but I loved the '78 Sox with Remy and the Rooster turning two. Butch Hobson, George Scott, Jimmy Rice, Freddie Lynn, Yaz and Dewey. A great team. Wow, its hard to believe this is the same franchise. Their recent success has really altered my perspective. What was once quaint and a shared kindred spirit of heartbreak is now simply bald faced envy. That Boston accent has become my bane.

See you on Monday.

rob said...

apology accepted, and you can feel free to knock mr. drew all you want - were i a philly fan (once again, thank you lord) i would hate drew with all i could muster.

also, your team is better than you're letting on.