Monday, June 09, 2008

Bizzaro World

Games 60 through 65 - Phillies
Phils 3, Redlegs 2
Redlegs 2, Phils zip
Phils 5, Redlegs zip
Phils 4, Braves 3
Phils 6, Braves 2
Phils 6 Braves 3

Record: 39 wins, 26 losses

I am feeling a little sheepish these days. It's a feeling I had throughout my ignominious days at Dear Ol' State U. It's this sense that I am a fraud, a poseur, a pitiable wannabe. I certainly do not belong. The best evidence I can offer as a testimony to this phenomenon I am experiencing is that while I am giddy that my boys in red pinstripes are in first place at 39 and 26, Mr. Rob seems slightly annoyed that his Sox are "only" a half game better at 40 and 26. Ones man's trash...

However, statistics - they never lie - bear out that this is a pretty decent baseball squad taking up residence it that Pony League stadium at the intersection of Broad and Pattison Sts., Philly. They have been getting very solid (adjusted for 2008 in said Pony League stadium) starting pitching as I outlined in my 1/3 season report a few posts ago. Today, I read that they lead all of MLB in innings pitched by the starters - a monumental (again, by today's standards) 389! The current 15-4 run features 12 quality starts including the last six running. There is your difference between this year's team versus the editions of recent years past. It comes down to the starting rotation. To date, no one has missed a start. 65 games, 13 starts for each pitcher. They pitch into the seventh and they keep it close.

So let's get back to that feeling. It's June 9th. there are 97 games left. Surely something bad is going to happen. I've got to be psychologically ready to trade in this luxurious coach for that rotten pumpkin. Cole Hamels is made of Waterford crystal. Surely he'll crack. Is Myers back on track or is he ready to stink it up again? Jamie Moyer is 92. 92 year olds usually fall apart when they are asked to chuck every 5 days. What about this alien who has inhabited the body of Adam Eaton? Isn't it about time he vacated this host for someone just as worthy - say Oliver Perez? About the only thing I see as a sure thing is young Kyle Kendrick chugging along at his pedestrian but reliable pace. Of course, if some of the other guys start pitting, young Kyle may be forced to lead and then we'll know of what stuff he is made.

You see, I just feel like I don't belong. I am like a heroin addict who feels like he's done so much bad during his years of addiction - you know, like stealing his mom's Social Security check or raiding his niece's piggy bank or stealing from the St. Vincent dePaul collection box in the vestibule at St. Anthony's - so much so that he deserves to rot in the alley behind the liquor store on 98th Street. Somebody slap me. Wait a minute, I just glanced at the schedule - Marlins, Marlins, Marlins, Cards, Cards, Cards, Red Sox, Red Sox, Red Sox, Angel, Angels, Angels, A's, A's A's.
Oh Cindarella, your stepmother is calling.


rob said...

you have me confused with someone else. i'm 'slightly annoyed' with jonny gomes. i love these sox.

TJ said...

rob, must your club always have some sort of slogan or catch phrase?

"The Nature Boy" has made his mark on the Red Sox. Professional wrestling legend Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair and his trademark exclamation have emerged as the impetus for the Red Sox' most prevalent rallying cry for the 2008 season. And, of course, Sean Casey has a lot to do with it: "Wooooooo!!" The one-word cry has been plastered on the T-shirts found on just about every member of the Red Sox these days, from Daisuke Matsuzaka to the team's coaching staff. The garments are the brainchild of Casey, who made up the blue-and-white shirts with Flair's iconic scream on the front, and "Diamonds Are Forever And So is El Alcalde!!" Casey is called "El Alcalde" (Spanish for "the Mayor") by teammates. He struck up a friendship with Flair while visiting backstage at a pro wrestling match. Casey carried his admiration of the longtime wrestler into the Red Sox' clubhouse, where he religiously greets teammates with a special handshake punctuated by a "Woooooooo!!" And then came a recent voicemail from the 59-year-old grappler, urging on the Sox and further fueling the team's new clubhouse ritual.

Nick said...


Perhaps poetic license but you will admit to some agonizing at least in the nominal if not logical sense?

By the way, the Gomes post from the other day was possibly one of the funniest yet.

rob said...

nick, of course i'll stipulate the agonizing - that's in my dna.

teejay, woooooooooooooo