Thursday, June 19, 2008

Building the Perfect Beast

Game 74 - Phillies
Sox 7 , Phils 4

Record: 42 and 32

At least we didn't get swept at home.

We got some work to do if we hope to advance past the NLDS. (Assuming of course, that the Marlins aren't for real, the Mets are ruined and the Braves too banged up to make a serious run at the East title.)

The Sox demonstrated why they are baseball's best. No Manny or Youk or Papi and still they hang 7 on us. Clearly, Kyle Kendrick is good enought to chew up innings against the dregs of the National League but he is going to be fairly useless in the postseason. It's imperative that Myers gets with it and reclaims his frontline status. Myers back to his old self, Hamels, Moyer and Eaton might be able to pitch this team past the NLDS and perhaps into the WS but to beat Boston (or LA for that matter)...I tell ya, I don't see it.

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