Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Games 78 & 79 - Phillies
Philadelphia, nee Kansas City, nee Oakland A's 5, Phils 2
Phils 4, Philadelphia, nee Kansas City, nee Oakland A's 0

Record: 43 wins, 36 losses

The losing skid has ended. I am relieved. We still have a 2 game lead on those pesky Marlins who are taking a beating from their cross state rivals. Slumps happen and this team was in a royal one scoring only 9 runs in the 6 game losing streak. It seems like Utley is back to normal with his 4 for 5 performance last night. I just want to get this interleague bullshit over with so we can go back to beating up the National League.

Now for some fun. What do these dolts have in common other than being the lesser brother in famous baseball brother duos (or trios?) (Please don't say none of them were ever in your living room.)

Ken Brett, Mike Maddux, Jeremy Giambi, Vince DiMaggio, Juan Bell


rob said...

nice to see you found the crayons.

i'm guessing all the aforementioned 5 toiled for the phightins at some point.

Nick said...


I think its time to rechristen the club as the Philadelphia Phredos.