Wednesday, April 15, 2009

West Coast

Games 7 & 8 - Red Sox

A's 8, Red Sox 2
A's 6, Red Sox 5 (12)
Record: 2-6

I have bountiful blessings for which to be thankful this morning. I'm not standing in the rain, holding tea bags and stomping my feet in incoherent rage at some perceived yet undefined government evil. My children are healthy. My aging automobile made it through another commute.

And the Red Sox are playing in California.

The latter may be the greatest blessing of all, for it means that I don't have to watch the trainwreck that April 2009 has become. Instead, I simply get up, take a shower, check the internet, read about another brutal loss, grunt a few times, and get on with my day.

Life could be worse.

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