Saturday, April 11, 2009

Game 4 - Phillies

Rockies 10, Phillies 3
Record: 1 win, 3 losses

Hollywood Hamels got slapped around a mile above sea level last night. His ERA stands at an otherworldly 17.1. That'd make a nice scoring defense average for the Iggles but it's definitely very un-Hamels-like. True, the kid is only beginning his 4th season (and third April) and every pitcher eventually has an outing like this. Many of them at Coors Field. Hamels only chucked about 7 innings this spring because of a sore elbow and according to, his velocity was hovering in the mid- to low-eighties. According to the same article, he had similar velocity last year in his opening game. The difference was that he faced the lowly Nats in '08 losing a 1-0 decision after going 8 innings. The Rocks, even sans Matt Holliday are a might bit offensive than the group of castoffs, has beens and never weres that populated the Washington roster last year.

Cole's not worried. Uncle Cholly says he's fairly concerned but no one is quite sure because Cholly's emotions are as tough to read as Dostoevsky. I won't worry. Not about the 1 and 3 start and not about the 4 crappy outings our starers have turned in so far. If we come to DC next week and have trouble swatting away gNats, then I'll worry.

Now onto other matters. Rob - can you explain why your team is sporting blue socks? Just curious.

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