Monday, April 06, 2009

Like the Weather

What a cold and rainy day, indeed. In most of the Midwest and along the Eastern seaboard, apparently. As much as I didn't think I was that excited about baseball season, I watched the entire Braves/Phils game last night - probably enjoyed it more than Nick, as a matter of fact. And now, plans to waste an entire afternoon following the Sox and Rays scuttled.

For the record, and the real point of these few words, Whitney and I have settled on Red Sox (-5) as the margin for our annual Case Bet wager. I've got the Sox with 96 wins, and my sandbagging friend was convinced by fellow Metman Ad Hoc Jerry to raise his estimate from 88 to 91 postgame handshakes for his squad.

Roll the balls out, etc.


TJ said...

I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

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Red Sox
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TJ said...

I'm sure Whit or Nick disagree, but Derek Lowe looked awfully good last night, and that Atlanta team just might be decent.

rob said...

that should read, 'i'm sure whit or nick (would rather) disagree...". lowe was awesome, and if francouer comes back to form that team could indeed be decent.

Jerry said...

I did no research into that figure whatsoever. Whit sent me a text and 91 was the first number that popped into my head. I'm guessing it's a little higher than the Vegas O/U.

Jerry said...

Looks like they're on pace for 162. Math.