Thursday, April 09, 2009

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Game 2 - Red Sox

Rays 7, Red Sox 2
Record: 1-1

Deep Blue Something is the kindest sentiment I can muster for last night's home plate umpire, Bruce Davidson, by some measure (also quite certainly the most fey). Kill the ump sentiment is lame, to be sure, and Davidson's woeful performance aside, the Sox still have some 'splainin' to do, but the Sox offense played large portions of this game with one hand tied behind their collective backs.

No less a scholar than Rick Sutcliffe decried Davidson's inconceivably generous strike zone, refusing to suppress his disdain for the width of the plate as conceived by the performance artist in blue. I only watched the game's final 2 1/2 frames, stuck as I was entertaining my in-laws, but even in that short time the impact of the umpire's poor evening was obvious in the Sox' hitters tentative approach. Jed Lowrie's bases-loaded strikeout on a pitch up, up, and away after taking strike 2 on a pitch several inches wide was but one example.

In the end, though, meh. These things even out over a long season. Jon Lester still needs to keep Carlos Pena in the yard, and the Sox still need to muster more than 2 runs to win. Could be worse - I could be a C.M. Wang fan.

Afternoon baseball in Fenway today, and me with an internet connection. Huzzah.

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TJ said...

I was going to post right about now, but you know what, until these no talent ass clowns can take a lead versus the hurting Orioles what is the point?