Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sunny Side of the Street

Games 11 through 13 - Red Sox

Red Sox 6, Orioles 4
Red Sox 2, Orioles 1
Red Sox 12, Orioles 1
Record: 7-6

So many different ways to go with today's post. How 'bout we let you decide? Do you want to hear:

A) Yet another academic treatment of the Orioles' woes under Peter Angelos, to include various statements of my glee at defeating the toxic Greek's minions and mitigating sentiment regarding my affection for the O's franchise pre-Dark Ages, baseball-style and for Adam Jones, Brian Roberts, and Nick Markakis. Also, Dave Tremblay's hat.

B) A meditation on the joys of Patriots Day, chief among them 11:05 am baseball on a day when I was (coincidentally, honest) working from home.

C) Contrarian waffle/whining about Papi, who went 2-for-4 today with a triple(!) and a pair of ribbies, but didn't convince me. Yet.

D) Praise for Kevin Youkilis, off to a sizzling .469 start at the plate, and inspiration for Beard of Truth. You should click that link. It'll make you happy.

E) Praise for Justin Masterson, a very undersung and entirely critical component. The Young Master gave the Sox 5 1/3 very good innings in an emergency start today.

F) Praise for the entire Sox bullpen (not so fast there, Mr. Lopez), which has been sublime of late.

G) Disappointment at the Baseball Gods, for failing to go all the way yesterday and give Carl Pavano a victory.

H) Appreciation for the healing balm of a homestand, especially one kicked off with a set against the Orioles.

We're accepting write-in candidates, as well. We're nothing if not lazy bloggers of the people.


Whitney said...

I vote A, except with a working link.

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