Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Night

Games 4 & 5 - Red Sox

Angels 6, Red Sox 3
Red Sox 5, Angels 4

Record: 2-3

Time for a little game of true confessions, early-season style:

1. I have no idea why the Red Sox wore blue sox last night, though I assume it had something to do with the blue jerseys, which I thought were both fairly snappy and entirely inappropriate adorning the Boston Red Sox.

2. Apparently, Alan Thicke is my favorite Canadian. But Jason Bay (note clever Bay-related pun in tonight's post title) made a play for the crown this afternoon, slugging a pair of backbacons and scoring three times to give the Sox just enough to withstand a Hamelsian performance from Jonathan Papelbon. Paps needed 39 pitches to retire 4 Halos after relieving Ramon Ramirez in the 8th, finally getting Howie Kendrick to fly to right with bases loaded on the 10th pitch of the game's final at bat. Of note, Brad Penny pitched 6 decent to kinda strong innings in his Sox debut.

3. In point of fact, Michael J. Fox is my favorite Canadian.

4. In what may well be a first, or at least a first in my memory, I was sorta rooting for the Angels last night. I watched the opening ceremonies, including the Nick Adenhart tribute, and felt like a real dick rooting against them. When I woke up this morning and saw the score (because, c'mon, I'm not staying up for a 10:05 pm start, even on a Friday) I wasn't even a little upset.

5. I blame #4 above on the blue uniforms, mostly.

6. I didn't even know the Sox were televised this afternoon until Teejay posted a comment on another blog. I was watching The Masters.

7. After I realized the Sox were televised this afternoon, I watched one pitch of the game, saw Kevin Youkilis fly to right to end the top of the 6th, and then returned to The Masters.

8. I blame #7 above on the hangover from the blue uniforms, almost entirely.

9. As long as we got each other, we got the world spinning right in our hand. Baby you and me, we gotta be the luckiest dreamers who never quit dreaming. As long as we keep on givin, we can take anything that comes our way. Baby, rain or shine, all the time, we got each other, sharin' the laughter and love.

10. I typed nearly all of #9 from memory.

11. I just realized Nick was wondering about the blue hosiery in today's game, not last night's. It's a little known fact that the Red Sox haven't actually worn red socks in quite some time. They went to a red/blue stirrup combo in 1995. Since 2004, I can't recall seeing any red whatsoever. That said, I do like the updated/retro road grays.

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TJ said...

I'm off to the Nats opener, but I swear, I still do "work" here. If anyone cares, first Yanks recap of the year coming tomorrow. And I'll be very bitter and very hungover, so look forward to that.