Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Games 1 through 3 - 2008 World Champions Phillies

Braves 4, Phils 1
Braves 4, Phils 0
Phils 12, Braves 11

My inaugural post of the 2008 season will be a mishmash of thoughts which may or may not be cohesive. Put money on "may not." It will likely confuse the reader much like how Iron Butterfly's anthem of 2 score years ago still perplexes my simple mind.

Leading off, I just want to warn our faithful readership that this will be the last time I refer to the beloved boys in red pinstripes as "2008 World Champion Phillies." I just wanted to get it in one time and be done with it. It is after all, a brand new day.

Batting second, my response to the Phils' typical 1 and 2 start comes straight outta the mouth of Alfred E. Nueman - "What, me worry?"

In the number 3 spot, it appears Bret Myers still pitches like a rookie. Dude, when will you trust your stuff?
Batting cleanup, Jamie Moyer still keeps you in the game. I will gladly take his performance from Tuesday all season long. I only ask that he goes 6.

Hitting in the 5 hole, Joe Blanton really looks like a plumber when he gets rocked. Today, he's Joe the Plumber.

In the sixth spot, Chase Utley's sooner than expected return is a pleasant surprise. If healthy, this could be the year he brings home the MVP.
The seventh spot concerns the newly acquired Raul Ibanez. Dude is already making me forget Pat the Bat.

At number 8, it's good to see RyHo starting off well. He came to camp fit, led the Grapefruit League in home runs and is off to a pretty good start. After last season's start, a pulse would be an improvement.

And in the 9 spot, Brad Lidge converted another save. Ho-hum.

I did not do predictions this year. I just don't think I am knowledgeable enough anymore. I suspect the Sox would be my pick to win the AL. The NL could be won by 7 teams. I seriously doubt the Phils have a repeat performance in them. I would not be surprised if they finished anywhere between 80 and 95 wins. Health, desire and of course, the competition from their improved and/or matured division brethren will have a lot to do with the Phils' ability to repeat.

I start off this season unlike any other time in my baseball conscious life. That is, I am satiated. I can watch games and not get torqued or twisted or otherwise bent. It's all gravy. I think I need this at this point of my life. 4 children, all 10 and under with #5 currently gestating (save your Catholic jokes, please) means I have less time to worry about my team.

I purchased MLB.TV which seems like a slam dunk, obvious choice over Extra Innings so I plan to watch a lot of ball but again, I am on cruise control and plan to enjoy this year. I hope I don't disappoint but I get the feeling you all have fallen asleep already.

Sorry dudes.


Whitney said...

Nice inflated logo. And nice win tonight. There woulda been an awful lot of needless speculation about the Phils' resting on their laurels if they'd lost, and all too much chatter about the resurgent Braves as well. I am hopeful we just spotted Atlanta's soft underbelly in a weak relief corps.

TJ said...

Seriously, embed a bigger logo ass.

rob said...

nick - nice to see you back, and congratulations on the forthcoming hoops squad.

Nick said...

I suspect TJ has logo envy. What do you expect from a guy whose team is Oh for the millenium!

Nick said...