Friday, April 17, 2009

Sky Blue Sky

Games 8 & 9 - Mets

Mets 7, Padres 2
Padres 6, Mets 5
Record: 4-5

If it weren't for some Opening Day charity from the Reds, each of the New York Mets' first three series would look like this:

Game 1: Lose a squeaker
Game 2: Win fairly convincingly
Game 3: Lose a squeaker

I'm no math major, but it seems to me that's a pattern not geared for success in the standings.

The good news: The losses are squeakers. The five losses were by six runs. Something falls in here, something gets through there, it's another story.

The bad news: Winning losable games versus losing winnable games is the difference between 1st place and 4th place. The Mets are in 4th place. (Thank the Lord for the Washington Nationals.)

Oh, and Pelf has tendinitis, Schneider's out for another game or two, John Maine didn't look as sharp, Nachos Bell Grande exacted a bit of revenge... again, Ron Darling wrote a book, Gary Sheffield is trouble on layaway, the Mets can't seem to come up with a timely hit (D-W's 3-run bomb the other night notwithstanding), and they keep losing close games.

Other than that, we're fine.

In truth, I'm not all that worried yet. Sure, if it keeps happening, I will be. But a good core of guys are hitting the ball very well. Other than Pelf, each starter's shown flashes of competence, if not brilliance. And the pen looks wholly different than it did a year ago. Plus, other than Sheff, I like this team all right. Eminently rootable. It's no Idiots or '93 Phils dirtbags, but I'm getting into them, and that makes a big difference night to night.

Brewers in town tonight . . . should anticipate a visit from me. Oh, and Milwaukee plays the Mets. You know what that means -- bad news for the Brewers.

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Jerry said...

The comment about Schneider's injury is in the wrong section.