Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Worst Day Since Yesterday

Game 39 - Mets

Dodgers 5, Mets 3
Record: 21-18

Now this loss was more like it.

Wait . . . what?

I guess what I mean is that it was a step up not to see the Mets inflict a humiliating implosion of a defeat on themselves. This game came down to John Maine pitching okay for the most part but making a few crucial mistakes. He allowed a double to the opposing pitcher (bad) and a three-run difference-maker to a pretty good hitter (acceptable). It was a tolerable, tidy loss to a good team. Baby steps, don't make the papers with your semi-retarded gaffes. Baby steps, don't get compared to the biggest laughingstock in modern baseball history.

I am, of course, increasingly perplexed by Jerry Manuel doing things like starting -- and sticking with -- Ramon Martinez despite the writing on the wall (and on the dugout wall, and mowed into the outfield grass, and on the overhead blimp) saying that Martinez is a bit out of his league these days. Ramon had some nice moments for the Mets last fall, but once he'd gone 0-for-8 in his first two games of the season, including striking out (badly, like miss-by-a-foot badly) three times last night, he came up with a couple of runners aboard in the 8th. All signs pointed to the Mets' last gasp, all signs pointed to a pinch-hitter. Nope. G. I. D. P. Inning/threat over. Pretty much game over. A minor complaint.

At least Martinez didn't have two errors again last night. Baby steps.

And ah, Daniel Murphy, embarrassing me for having ever mentioned "Golden Boy II." He got picked off in the first inning, but that doesn't tell the tale. While the pitcher was very much still set, he took off for second base. Chad Billingsley looked over as if to say, "Really? Okay," and casually threw him out at second. Five whole minutes later, Murph drops an easy fly ball (like he wanted to fit in with the clowns from the night prior) that ends up becoming an unearned run. Unreal. This team gives away runs like it can afford to. Note to the Mets: after surging into first place, you became the pirate looking at forty and pissed it away so fast, never meant to last. Good song; bad idea.

Where the momentum of the Giants series went is a mystery. The truth is that this team is talented enough to compensate for some botched plays and mental mistakes in many cases. The sad fact is that if they're going to keep making those botched plays and mental mistakes, it will cost them in enough other cases to keep them from being an elite contender. Feeling some satisfaction in an old-fashioned loss that wasn't completely embarrassing is embarrassing in and of itself.

Right the ship. Be better. Stop sucking.

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