Sunday, May 03, 2009

Money for Nothing

Game 23 - Mets

Phillies 6, Mets 5 (10)
Record: 10-13

I enjoy music. I mean, I really like music. From the era of LP's to cassettes to CD's (I was fortunate enough to miss 8-tracks by 3 or 4 years), I perpetually invested money I didn't have into the various music media. And then the first format came along that might have some semi-permanence -- the mp3 file. It still remains to be seen how I'll be listening to Give 'Em Enough Rope or Summerteeth in 2018, but it was pretty obvious even in MLC's inaugural season of 2003 that the digital media was going to last longer than, say, the Sony MiniDisc.

And somehow, defying every budgetary bad habit I had, when it came time to make the investment on the mp3 player, I looked squarely at this little product Apple had produced -- you might have heard of it: the "iPod" . . . and bought something else. Cheaped out. I wasn't sure if the iPod was worth the investment, although the truth is that I spent plenty on the player I bought. Seemed like I was actually being prudent.

I was actually being an idiot.

What I bought was a slightly less expensive piece of equipment that became utterly obsolete very quickly. It held all of 128MB, so like 25-30 songs. The software was clunky, the earphones hurt, and the operation of it wasn't all that user-friendly. Dammit.

It was the right idea to spend a little less, given how much I'd already dumped into my music collection. It was a cool little product for a very short period of time. But given the prominence of music in my day-to-day, spending a chunk of change on something that was below top-grade just wasn't all that bright. And I had to wait it out a while, painfully, until I could eventually pony up and (convince my wife to) buy me the real deal. The iPod.

New York Mets
O Perez2.154462077-369.97


killthedh said...

Hey Whitney. Anyone have any thoughts on the new Major League Baseball channel? JR

Whitney said...

The MLB network is fantastic. It's such a fix for the baseball junkie. They aired the Babe Ruth (the 1920's) segment of Ken Burns' Baseball last night. Excellent.

killthedh said...

Thanks W. I'm a sucker for the 1961Classic World Series.

I'm the ultimate Yankee hater. But
all my life I've heard it written, Crosley Field had a hump in the outfield. Hey, it really did!