Monday, May 11, 2009

Better Things

Games 27 through 30 - Mets

Mets 7, Phillies 5
Mets 7, Pirates 3
Mets 10, Pirates 1
Mets 8, Pirates 4
Record: 17-13

I love winning. You know, it's like . . . better than losing? And despite the Red Sox' and Phillies' recent formulae for success, the Mets are doing it with the normal recipe -- better starting pitching. Using actual quality starts or at least six strong innings rather than Ollie Perez's brief outings ("O.P. Shorts" for those in the know) and the like, the Mets have strung together seven wins in a row. Better than losing.

It hasn't been all about the starting pitching. Well, in part it's been about playing the Pirates over the weekend. That team is struggggling. It's also been about getting Delgado and Castillo back -- and having them pick up where they left off. It's been about Brian Schneider staying injured, so Omir Santos can keep playing.

It's been about the Golden Boys Reyes & Wright playing through some periods of suckitude and coming out the other end, performing more in line with their usual levels. It's been about Gary Sheffield doing a lot of clapping and chatting in the dugout. So long as he doesn't start barking about PT, keep on keepin' on.

And it's been about the bullpen, with the exception of Sean "Shufflin' Up to Buffalo" Green. Even Pedro Feliciano has been not-terrible. I still wince when he enters a tight one, but less emphatically and with fewer expletives.

And it's been about playing the Pirates. Braves come to town now, with Derek Lowe figuring to make the Mets rue the day (who talks like that?) they lowballed him.

Yeah. It's less funny when the Mets are winning, but I'm sure it won't be long before comic relief hits MLC once again.

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Whitney said...

Dammit. That one crappy unearned run is going to hold up, isn't it? I knew it when it happened. Johan Santana knew it when it happened. He had that look. He knew the Mets would lose 1-0.