Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Games 41 through 45 - Red Sox

Red Sox 5, Blue Jays 1
Mets 5, Red Sox 3
Mets 3, Red Sox 2
Red Sox 12, Mets 5
Red Sox 6, Twins 5
Record: 27-18

I plead guilty to both of the sins (and I count travel, given that I put nearly 800 miles on my gas-chugging SUV) detailed by Whitney as excuses for my lack of posting intensity this week. I spent the holiday in the Myrtle Beach area with my folks, wrapping a trip to see the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and a Sox/Mets telecast into the beach, booze, mini-golf, and child-chasing package. My kids got to run the bases after the Pelicans game, which was as much a highlight for me as it was for them. Watching my tiny 5 year-old sprint her little heart out and her older sister conscientiously touch all the bases (with an homage to Mark McGwire's 62nd homer as she missed first) was worth the price of admission (free, thanks to Mom and Dad, but you get my point).

So forgive the following half-assed catch-up/recap/comeback. And get used to it, as I'm strapping on the work boots tomorrow for a business trip to Cape May, NJ. Might hear from me again sometime next week.

All of these things have happened thus far in 2009:
  • David Ortiz has 1 homerun and a .600 OPS on May 26 and was demoted to 6th in the batting order effective today (aside: huzzah, Tito).
  • Jonathan Papelbon has given up 2-run homers in consecutive outings this very week, losing a winnable game.
  • Starting shortstop Jed Lowrie has played 5 games, meaning a whole lot of Nick Green and Julio Lugo.
  • The Sox' starting rotation carries a 5.31 ERA and 1.53 WHIP.
  • Kevin Youkilis and his 1.181 OPS has missed 14 games.
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka has thrown 11 1/3 innings. With a 10.32 ERA.
  • Omir Effing Santos. Omir. Effing. Santos.
And when play began this evening, the Sox were in first place in the AL East by a game over the Yankees.

Hell if I know.


Whitney said...

Your post title says it all...

rob said...

it's an audience choice/total request sorta thing.