Monday, May 04, 2009


We've worked hard here over the past 6 years to build a sustainable brand. Blood, sweat, tears...all that crap. Also, alcohol. Today, though, comes confirmation that we've made it. Just hours after my lamentations about David Ortiz' woeful, pitiable, worrisome (stop me at any point, really) start, Papi himself responded directly to MLC:

"This is my seventh year here. If you don't know me at this point, [expletive], what can I tell you? Who you been watching, the Anaheim Angels? You know what I'm saying? It will come. It will come."I'll be back. Write that [expletive] down."

Awesome. Consider that [expletive] written down. You had me at the first '[expletive]'. And who the hell are the Anaheim Angels?

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