Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Lucky Town

Game 27 - Red Sox

Red Sox 7, Yankees 3
Record: 17-10

We've a time-honored ban on cape-tugging 'round these parts, and I'm certainly not going to violate it. The forces of karma long ago won the argument with Team MLC. Case in point: Peter Angelos and his decade-long wandering in the wilderness.

That said, given the choice to have the Sox win their first 5 games of the season against the Yankees versus any other start, I'll take the 5-game winning streak. The Sox dented Joba Chamberlain for 4 in the first last night and Josh Beckett and the bullpen made it hold up despite allowing a whole gaggle of Yankees to reach base. Style points, last I checked, were not a column in the standings.

The torrid Jason Bay hit his 7th longball of the season to cap the opening frame, and Team Japan closed the Yankees out in short order in the endgame, as Hideki Okajima and Takashi Saito spun 3 hitless innings to back Beckett. Also noteworthy, last night's win marked the Sox' 15th consecutive triumph with rabbit's foot Nick Green starting at shortstop.

The lesson is obvious: karma hates Julio Lugo. I hope the front office is paying attention.

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