Wednesday, May 13, 2009

24 Hour Party People

Game 33 - Red Sox

Red Sox 4, Angels 3
Record: 21-12

West Coast games are like the modern Republican Party: out-of-sight, out-of-mind, largely irrelevant in terms of mindspace, but ultimately worth at least a small bit of attention, if only for the entertainment value. In this case, the entertainment came at 6:45 this morning when I checked to find out that Jason Varitek's run-scoring 9th-inning double plated J.D. Drew with the game-winning run.

Future Mississippi Governor (or dogcatcher, whichever) Jonathan Papelbon closed the game as the bullpen equalled starter Justin Masterson's 1 run per 3 innings pace, a tempo that I can dance to any time. The recent run of infield injuries (Youk went to the DL for 15 yesterday) necessitated a Spring Training split squad lineup that managed to squeak out just enough runs for a win. Not necessarily change we can believe in, but in keeping with the fashionable description of our current President, pragmatism has its benefits.

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