Friday, May 08, 2009


Games 28 & 29 - Red Sox

Indians 9, Red Sox 2
Red Sox 13, Indians 3
Record: 18-11

We interrupt our regularly scheduled inanity for a bracing dose of the real world. Cancer, friends, is a motherfucker.

Jerry Remy's been absent from Sox telecasts for the past few weeks. Speculation about the cause has ranged wildly. Yesterday NESN posted a statement from Remy regarding his situation. It seems that the RemDawg's cancer was caught early and treated effectively, which is a blessing, but he tried to do too much, too soon and is suffering the consequences. I hope and believe my favorite broadcaster this side of Bob Costas will be back with Don Orsillo, laughing at dumb jokes and shilling Wally merchandise soon.

I've got a real bone to pick with cancer. It's way too prominent in my family, and in millions of other families. Baseball's easy - lose one, and there's always tomorrow. Your guy gets drilled, you knock down one of theirs. Real life gets messy.

So while there's a lotta ball left, metaphorically and literally, you still gotta take a minute and tell the people in your life how much you love them. Rolling that particular ball out isn't something that should wait.

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