Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Find Your Way Back

Game 37 - Phillies

Phillies 4, Reds 3
Record: 21 wins, 16 losses

It's been about 13 days since I last posted. In all that time, not a word of concern of my whereabouts was posted by my brethren here at MLC. There are likely several reasons for that.

1 - My posts are boring. No one noticed I was gone.

2 - My posts blow. Something about letting sleeping dogs lie.

3 - I am being confused with TJ.

4 - Nobody likes me because I'm the ungracious asshole whose team won the whole enchilada during his rookie year at MLC.

5 - Maybe they're thinkin' "He's got 4 friggin' kids, he'll post when he comes up for air!"

I suspect a combination of #1 and #5 are the reason no one has hassled me and it's just as well since I seriously have been pinched for time. As a result have not exactly followed the Phightins as closely as I did last August-September-October. I'm the sucker er, dedicated father who volunteered to coach 3 - count 'em - 3 baseball teams this Spring. So here we are almost 1/4 of the way through the 2009 MLB season and I am sitting on probably my 4th or 5th post all season long.

You see? I already back to my boring ways. Sorry folks.

The Phillies are back in first conveniently enough for me. I don't hold any delusions that it will be for long nor am I concerned they won't pop back up on top a few more times this season. This might just be the season long dog fight between the Phils and Mets that probably only Whitney, I and a few other miserable losers have long waited for. Two good but flawed clubs with a bit of psychological jockeying going on. It ain't Sox-Yanks but it'll be a little jazzier than that sorry excuse of a rivalry between the Cubs and Cards - a rivalry only in the sense that perhaps Mr. Rogers would have deemed it. There's only one real rivalry in flyover country and that's Ohio State-Michigan. Before anyone says anything about hockey - shut up and move to Canada.

But before the Phils and Mets play again, the Phils have a date with that other team from New York. That upstart franchise almost 30 years younger. You know them as the team with the most world championships in the 20th century but sitting on a big fat oh-fer this century. The Phillies come into a series with the New York Yankees as the reigning world champions. Bizarro world indeed!

While the Phillies are in Gotham not playing the Mets, the Mets will traipse up to Beantown to face the Sox. MLC will have its first full weekend of interleague matchups since the 2008 expansion. Are there any wagers to be made? Any lame predictions? Any venom to be spewed? Probably not. The Phils-Yanks should make for some interesting baseball. Nobody in the NL puts together such a potent lineup as the Yanks do. Well the Phillies do but they can't play with themselves - keep it clean TJ! It should be interesting which means it will probably be boring. Remember, the opposite outcome follows any prediction of mine.

With that note, I think the Dow will drop 350 points today.


rob said...

i object. as recently as yesterday i commented on your absence. and you and teejay are obligated to make the traditional mlc case bet: one case of winner's choice lager on each game, with a bonus case in the event of a sweep.

TJ said...

You wish you were this pretty.

And riding the high of a seven game win streak and multiple continuances, I'm in for the case bet...let's find an agreeable number.

rob said...

um. the number is 1. 1 case per game.

Nick said...

Admittedly, I had to go back and search for any reference to me but even so, I saw no mention of me at least in the aformentioned time frame. It is after all, about me.