Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You see? You see? He's not a machine, he's a man, he's a man.

Games 34 - Yankees

Indians 5, Yankees 3
Record: 17-17

Sure, it was bound to happen sometime, but I never expected David Dellucci to be the guy to shit on Joba Chamberlain's cloak of invincibility. The Yankees lost a tough one last night, 5-3 to the Indians, after Dellucci (a Yankee for all of 21 games in 2003) cranked a pinch-hit three run homer off Joba in the 8th, wasting a damn good start from Mr. Pettitte and actual offensive contributions from Giambi and Cano.

A few Joba-related notes:
  • It was only the second home run allowed in 37 career innings by Chamberlain
  • Dellucci's bomb were the first regular-season runs Chamberlain has allowed at Yankee Stadium
  • NY is now 15-1 when leading after seven innings this season


rob said...

joba's gonna need to work on his stoicism a little bit. opposing fans will have a field day if he reacts that way to every setback.

Jerry said...

Plus, his name is such fertile ground for back page puns that any failure is going to be magnified.

Fire Willie.

Crosby = Douche.

Detroit Suck My Balls.

TJ said...

I like Jerry making sure he gets everything into one random comment. Trust me, I can appreciate that.