Friday, May 30, 2008

Who wants a moustache ride?

Games 48-53: Yankees

Yankees 13, Mariners 2
Yankees 12, Mariners 6
Yankees 6, Mariners 5
Orioles 6, Yankees 1
Orioles 10, Yankees 9 (11)
Yankees 4, Orioles 2

Record: 26-27

Well, the five game win streak is a distant memory, and the Orioles just took two of three from the Bronx Nine, but whatever, it's Friday, its gorgeous out, and there's still 100+ games to go in this marathon of a season. No history lessons from me today, hopefully no profanity, and no complaining either. I'm checking in before I check-out for the weekend to highlight one guy. Here's his 2008 line:
  • .393 OBP/.556 SLG/.949 OPS
  • 11 HR/27 RBI/24 Runs
  • 4th in AL in HR, 4th in AL in SLG, 4th in AL in OPS and 7th in AL in OBP
  • Hitting .339 with six homers so far in May
Who is this relatively forgotten offensive force? Well it's this guy of course:
"The 'stache is going to be here for a while." Oh yeah, the Yanks are paying him $23 mil this year (yep, you read that right), so this is the least he can do. Carry on, Moustache Warrior, carry on.

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rob said...

$23m? jeee. zuss.