Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hell House

Games 38 through 41 - Red Sox

Twins 7, Red Sox 6

Red Sox 5, Twins 2

Twins 9, Red Sox 8

Twins 7, Red Sox 3

Record: 24-17

My inclination towards irritation and anger at losing 3 of 4 to the mediocre Twins is tempered by this: Since 2001, the Sox are 8-17 in the Metrodome, Minnesota's monstrous traveshamockery of a ballpark. Maybe it's the white on white ceiling motif. Perhaps Manny's part plant, and needs the sun's chlorophyll-stimulating rays. Or, maybe it's just dumb luck masquerading as grotesque architecture. Whatever the reason, the FIDO tag fits appropriately.

Now, should the Sox keep stumbling against a team I really dislike tonight and tomorrow in Baltimore, well, then we may have to lock up the kids before the next Sox-based MLC rant goes live.

Good on the Tampa Bay Rays, winners of 6 straight and clear titleholders to second in the AL East, a mere 1/2 game behind the Sox. They're pitching like madmen, and hitting the ball enough, as well. Don't know if they've got the horses for the full 162 furlongs, but Joe Maddon's doing a terrific job, as he has from the beginning in St. Pete.

Finally, on this exceedingly beautiful Spring day, farethewell and adieu, you fair Dominican whackjob. Julian Tavarez found the limit at which a team was no longer willing to put up with his lunacy. Seems that a 6.39 ERA and a 2.13 WHIP, even in a small sample, made the charm in rolling of balls to first and a 12 Monkeys personality wear quickly. Good luck to you, Jools, you crazy bastard.


rob said...

blowing 3-run leads to shitty teams on consecutive nights is trying my otherwise sunny disposition.

rob said...

little bit of adversity, may's sox lay down and take a nap. april's team is wondering what the fuck happened.