Sunday, May 18, 2008


Games 44 through 46 - Red Sox

Red Sox 5, Brewers 3
Red Sox 7, Brewers 6
Red Sox 11, Brewers 7
Record: 27-19

I originally started this post as a bunch of notes, intending today to finish up and add my usual clever bon mots. Sadly, this 5 minutes is all the time I'll have today, so what follows is the best I can do. Consider it my e.e. cummings phase.

weird series:

rainout, day is done

out of trouble all day
a youks error (!) at third (delete !)
long time off and a paps tater (ryan braun, not sucking)
dirty water

5-0 lead in the nightcap (of the odd 3:55, 8:35 twinbill)
for naught, or not?
and joy on the leaden wings of 2 brewer errors
7 gaffes between the 2 teams in game 2
baseball, the beautiful game
timlin perfect 9th for a save
whither the little-used papelbon?
dirty, dirty water

chicks pleased at the longball festival
4x2 over the fences
beckett 2006: an unwanted encore
ellsbury out on the steal. a gasp from the crowd
lugo's brain numbs on the paths (that's not weird. not weird at all.)
bullpen shaky but good enough
dirty, dirty, dirty water

later, friends, we talk of the pen
mediocre is kind

young masterson tuesday
old/new colon wednesday
the rain, it colors everything

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