Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Larry King Live!

Games 43 through 47 - Phillies

Crushed the Jays

Crushed by the Jays

Nipped by the Braves

Stymied by los Nacionales

Edged los Nacionales

Record: 25 wins, 22 losses

  • Something tells me that the clock radio in the Bronx is broken. This might well be the year the Yanks sleep in.

  • Jason Varitek must know something. Tito better get the transition plan ready.

  • Can anyone say they are honestly surprised about the state of affairs in Flushing Meadows these days? Honestly.

  • Time is near for the Cubbies' June swoon followed by Mt. Sweet Lou erupting.

  • I have always been indifferent to Chipper in Rafael Palmeiro sort of way.

  • Who does Ryan Howard consult for hitting advice? I mean it.

  • Does Bob Carpenter have a clue? He actually said without employing any qualifiers or caveats, unequivocally, that Ryan Zimmerman is the best young third baseman in the game. He also stated that the Phillies are having a disappointing season thus far. Alrighty then.

  • I don’t like their nickname (old or revised.) I don’t like the fact that they are called Tampa Bay (as opposed to Tampa or St. Petersburg.) I certainly dislike their park and I detest their uniforms. However, it’s nice to see that wretched franchise turn it around after 10 years.

  • The past 3 evenings, my nine year old son has tuned in a ballgame on the radio as I put him to bed. I am starting to suspect he has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a back-to-the-future Beaver Cleaver. It’s either that or he has been secretly reading Ray Kinsella. I will let you know if he requests to “have a catch.”

  • Remember Whitney?

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rob said...

did i miss something, or am i being willfully dense? i don't get the varitek reference.