Friday, April 04, 2008

Zhoo look Mahvlelous!

Game 3

Phillies 8
Nationals 7
Record 1-2

Remember Billy Crystal's Ferrrrnando Lamas? "Let me tell you my darling, its better to look good than to feel good." Well, I am not certain I'd rather look good than to play good (sic) but if you are gonna boot 4 balls before the opposing teams logs 4 outs, better to do it in these duds.

The Phils donned their 1940's era uniforms yesterday. The 1940s, much like every decade beside the late 1970s/early 1980s were typically abysmal for the franchise. I am not sure picking these uniforms are a good idea but if comes down to these beauties or the baby blue and crimson uniforms of the glory years (what passes for glory years anyway) I'd say to hell with superstition and don these gems.
Fortunately for the Phils, the play of the team (bullpen most notably) improved dramatically once they got past the first inning. Jimmy Rollins made one of those spectacular plays advancing to third base on a sacrifice bunt to force Manny Acta to walk Utley and Howard set up the force and Jesus Colome forgot to start throwing strikes to Jayson Werth after issuing the two free passes. The first win was thrilling and it always feels good when this team comes back from huge early inning deficits. The confidence never really left this team. No chance of that with the ever-optimistic Rollins in the clubhouse. Hopefully they will go into Cincy ready to play.
Still, I really like their chances if they dumped the pinstripes for this uniform. Pinstripes belong only in the Bronx. This uniform is more like Philly.

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