Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dark Side of the Moon

Games 8 & 9

Phils 5, Mess 2

Mess 8, Phils 2

Record: 4 up, 5 down

And now, my yang to Whit's ying (or the ying to the yang.)

First, can we please dispose of the notion that the Phillies' surreal and tantilizing 9 game winning streak vs. their "archrivals" to the North was a product of the Mets' "handing" the games to Philly? Likewise, Philly didn't hand the game to the NYM last night despite the 4 errors. We must agree that good teams don't kick 4 balls around the dirt and expect to win very often. In fact, teams that commit multiple errors a game are not to be considered very good at all, at least on that night. Games are won and lost almost as frequently when one team avoids errors/makes plays as when a team exposes 3rd starters, weak middle relief or a slow footed left fielder.

Winning is about making the plays. Making errors is the other side of the same coin. If Eric Bruntlet-piglet-wiggleitjustalittlebit makes errors because he is a weak substitute for Jimmy Rollins, well then the Mets were a better team last night. (By the way - Hey Jimmy, your guarantees stand a better chance of coming to fruition when you are in the lineup so heal fast - without HGH!)

Other than this, I have not much to say. The 162 game schedule ensures that the better team rises, blah, blah blah....

Now Whitney, please go slap Billy Wagner.


TJ said...

The line to slap Billy Wagner starts just outside of Albany and winds all the way down the Thruway.

Whitney said...

As far as I am concerned, the Phillies handed the Mets the win last night. They saved the Mets from themselves, and in doing so, relieved a lot of the building pressure.

Clearly my outlook on the Mets has some serious scar tissue from last fall.