Monday, April 14, 2008

Lather. Rinse. Repeat

Games 11, 12 & 13

Phillies 5, Cubbies 3

Phillies 7, Cubbies 1

Cubbies 6, Phillies 5

Record: 6 up, 7 down.

The title of this post comes from an obscure indie film released in 2002 that, as near as I can tell from its entry at IMDB, was nothing more than a boring chick flick featuring no Hollywood luminaries. I am not exactly sure what the protocol is around here regarding blog posts. I gather we can use movie titles, famous quotes, song titles or musical acts' names. This seems to be a formidable obstacle to posting. I posses neither the wit nor the creativity for such a task - at least not on a routine basis. By my count, neither do the other 3 members of the MLC quartet. In fact, I think on more than one occasion since I debuted on this forum, the spectre of coming up with a crafty title has extinguished the burning fire to post. (Perhaps that is a built-in safety valve created by our venerable founders. If so, that would seem to be counterproductive to frequent posting in favor of quality posting.)

Where I lack wit and creativity, I believe I have made up with expediency. I am quite sure it is infinitely easier to come up with a theme for the blog and then simply Google it to see where it has occurred in popular (or not so popular) culture. Google and Wiki were invented for this and I intend to go that route more often than not. If our founders are purists, I care not at all. Perhaps you should do a better job vetting your prospects before throwing out the invitations. Don't look now Clark but cousin Eddie is pulling the RV into the driveway!

[Insert segue here.]

Its clear the 2008 Phillies are not yet aware that the instructions on the bottle are not to be followed ad infinitum.

2 losses. 2 wins. Repeat.

There is not enough data at this point for me to get a good read on this squad. It is encouraging but hardly surprising that Cole Hamels has returned to stellar form. I also take heart that Mr. Myers has straightened himself out. Jamie Moyer has not surprised nor has Kyle Kendrik unfortunately. The big stories so far would be the above average performances turned in thus far by the much reviled Adam Eaton and the inexplicable sudden inability of the entire team to play solid defense. I read today that the club has surrendered 13 unearned runs in 13 games which puts them on pace to almost triple last year's total of 54 unearned runs. One would have to suppose that this is an anomaly that will disappear sooner rather than later. The only other headline makers are the Rollins' ankle and Shane Victorino's 15 day DL stint as the result of his tweaked calf. Being rather ordinary injuries, I don't plan on sweating it just yet.

Steady as she goes...

By the way, after two weeks, it appears that the 'M' in MLC could justifiably stand for mediocrity.


TJ said...

Uh oh Nick, you're going to upset Whit - we're all supposed to have title creation protocols. I'm the movie quote guy, Whit is TV show titles I believe, and forget what Rob is...

rob said...

i'm book titles, you illiterate.