Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sound and the Fury

Game 14 – Red Sox

Red Sox 6, Indians 4
Record: 8-6

It’s been said that baseball is a feast for the senses. We’ll ignore for a moment the certain truth that the originator of that sentiment is an effete flower-sniffer, as it helps set up today’s theme. Regardless of the provenance of the though, it is true that the sights, smells, and sounds of the ballpark are a huge part of our enjoyment and our memories.

There’s a sound that’s unique to baseball, a collective reaction to a dramatic change of fortune. When a crowd witnesses something shockingly bad for the home team, a low gasping groan escapes, as if each individual in the collective simultaneously received a punch in the solar plexus. The sound is involuntary, immediate, and unmistakable. And to the chagrin of Joe Borowski and the Cleveland Indians, it’s the soundtrack that ran through their dreams all night.

The Cleveland crowd gasped in stunned wonder as Manny Ramirez unloaded on Borowski in the top of the 9th, sending the erstwhile Indian closer’s mediocre fastball deep over the fence in left-center to complete the Sox’ comeback from a 4-1 deficit. I’d forgive the Tribe’s backers if they develop an intense hatred for this era’s Red Sox outfit, for I know the exasperating feeling all too well, having been on the wrong end of a similarly frustrating rivalry for too long.

Overlooked by many in the clamor following Manny’s game-winner and Jonathan Papelbon’s again-dominant 3-batter save was the brilliant work of wingnut reliever Julian Tavarez. The clown prince came into the game last night with the Sox trailing 4-1 with a single out in the bottom of the 5th , the bases loaded with Indians after starter Jon Lester struggled through yet another control-addled inning. Not only did Tavarez whiff both batters he faced to stem the tide in the 5th, he breezed through the 6th and 7th innings to give the Sox a fighting chance. Of such efforts are winners made.

But chicks dig the longball. And that sound was the best thing I’ve heard all season.

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