Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hot Zone

Games 23 & 24 - Red Sox

Angels 6, Red Sox 4

Angels 5, Red Sox 3 (in progress)

Record: 15-8 (9?)

Yes, well, that was predictable, wasn't it. I still love 'em, even if I wouldn't go anywhere near 'em right now, what with the Bubonic Plague ravaging the locker room. Jason Varitek's had a temperature over 101 for 6 days, Josh Beckett was so flu-ridden that he hurt his neck trying to chug a bottle of Benadryl, and Daisuke Matsuzaka missed a start because of the damned bug.

As a result of the various ailing cogs, Jon Lester had to move up a day and AA sinkerballer Justin Masterson got to make his major league debut today in a emergency role. Guess which of the two pitched lights out?

Shame for Masterson, as the bullpen's gone and turned his 6 inning, 2-hit, 1-run effort into a pile of gold-plated shit, thanks to a healthy Javier Lopez' inability to get an out. The net of which was to require the flu-ridden Manny Delcarmen to come into the game and share Lopez' fate. That Hideki Okajima just got out of a bases loaded, no-out situation with no runs is small comfort.

And still, even with a second consecutive loss, the Sox are out of the gate far faster than I'd have predicted looking at their March-April skeddy. They've also got this cute little habit of winning games they shouldn't, so I suppose I'll keep watching this one for a few more minutes.

Oh, and Teejay? I'm the one that works blue here, mmmkay?


TJ said...

Blow me where the pampers is.

rob said...

i just won a 6-pack from whitney.

TJ said... pass it along to me.

Whitney said...

Wow, nice work, Rob. I thought that expression was more of a Swint retort than a TJ one.

[wait for it]

[wait for it]

But maybe Teejay stole that from him, too.

TJ said...


TJ said...

And Rob, thanks for letting my post sit a whopping hour before you trumped it. I'll see you guys in 12 games...

rob said...

you need to have a history of contribution here before you get professional courtesy, lad.