Monday, July 07, 2003

Games 86 & 87 - Red Sox

Yankees 7, Red Sox 1
Yankees 2, Red Sox 1
Record: 50-37

Generally speaking, I think that most things can be expressed elegantly and clearly without the use of profanity. This is not one of those things. Fuck.

I said a few days ago that I'd be pleased with a split in this series, and I thought at the time that I was telling the truth. And I probably was, at the time. Now, though, the manner in which they achieved the split is gnawing at me. After they dominated the Yankees in the first two games, 3 of 4 seemed nearly certain, especially with Pedro going today. Even after Andy Pettitte beat John Burkett yesterday, I wasn't upset, because a) Pettitte owns the Sox, and (b) the Yankees own Burkett. But today's loss is a kick in the man-parts. Pedro goes 7, strikes out 11, beaned Alfonso Soriano and Derek Jeter into submission, and still can't get a win, even though Robin Ventura played second and Enrique Wilson manned shortstop for New York. That makes 5 games he should have won if not for lack of support or miserable bullpen work.

So, in short, fuck. We're right back where we started. Off to Toronto to try to pay back the Jays from last month's sweep. And the Sox still need another arm, and everything I said about that situation remains true.

I'll deal with the All-Star situation later, but suffice it to say that it's a bit of a crock when the best offense in the last 25 years only gets two players in the game. Not that I'm all that upset, because most of the Sox will get to rest for a few days.

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