Friday, July 25, 2003

Game 101 - Mets

Expos 5, Mets 1
Record: 42-59

I think the Atlanta Braves pulled the ol' bait-and-switch with Tom Glavine. Whoever is throwing in the #47 jersey for us these days is not the same cat who used to dominate down in the land of the Tomahawk Chop. By the by, do you think litter makes Native Americans nearly as teary as white, upper-middle class, semi-racist Atlantans ignorantly mocking their heritage with this crudely offensive gesture whilst trying not to spill their $7 Pete's Wicked? Reason #6 of 117 to discount Atlanta and its fan base.

The fat still left to be cut: Rey Sanchez, Roger Cedeno (duh), and perhaps Tony Clark, which is too bad, for rubbing-it-in-Rob's-face reasons. There's just not a whole lot of veteran leadership these guys can impart upon the young players, so they might as well step aside. Glavine and Al Leiter are still good for real leadership, so long as they employ the "watch my career highlight films, not my 2003 yearbook" philosophy.

I could pretend I'll be watching the Mets-Reds match-up (the FOX Sports tagline: "This feud has brewed since the Tom Seaver trade in '77!"), but I'll admit that my eyes will be on the Sox-Yanks series this weekend. It's far more compelling, and it's far more likely to cause Rob Russell bodily injury.

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