Thursday, July 24, 2003

Game 101 - Red Sox

Devil Rays 15, Red Sox 9
Record: 60-41

This game was exactly like an enema or a prostate exam. You have to do it every once in a while, it's uncomfortable and embarrassing, but it cleans you out and takes care of you for the next period of time. Every baseball team has a few of these each season, and the Sox are no exception. They got their asses waxed (not to extend the anal(ogy) too far) because their pitching was abysmal, led (?) by Ramiro Mendoza.

Mendoza's rough outing ratchets up the intensity on the Sox' search for a starting pitcher, in my mind. Problem is, there's not much out there.

Who cares about that right now, though. The Yankees come to town tomorrow for three in the Fens. Pedro on the hill in game 1. I could run through a wall right about now. Especially if a proctologist were chasing me.

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