Friday, July 11, 2003

Game 90 - Mets

Phillies 7, Mets 2
Record: 39-51

This one really hurts. Three losses to the Bravos, big deal, but losing to the Philadelphia Phillies will always sting me because it costs me a case of beer. Not only does it mean I am out twelve bucks, but it means I must search the area for a place that sells Pabst in the bottle for my high-fallutin' friend. With Aaron Heilman, Jae Seo, and Jason Roach (!) taking the mound the next three nights against the Phils, I may be making a hefty purchase. For those wondering about the status of the Sox-Mets beer bet, at the halfway point the Sox were just 12 games better, neutralizing the press and keeping my hopes alive for an unlikely comeback. Still, I may be well advised to grab a case of Sam Adams for Rob while I'm buying the PBR.

The lastest from the Mets' camp . . .

- Al Leiter is on the DL
- Armando "All-Star" Benitez is close to being dealt to the in-division Marlins
- The Mets owe $4.5M to NYC in overdue lease payments
- The Mets are now 20 games out of first place

Wow. What with my co-writer on location in Massachusetts for the next 10 days, is it okay if I write about the Red Sox in his stead? It's got to be more uplifting.

I preminisce no return of the salad days . . .

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