Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Game 99 - Red Sox

Red Sox 7, Tigers 4
Record: 59-40

Sox close out the season series with the Tigers at a smooth 8-1. I can't imagine what it must be like to be a fan of the Detroit 9. This blog would double as a suicide note if I devoted the same level of passion to that team. And it's not like there's a lot of hope on the horizon. Detroit has some decent young pitching - Maroth and Bonderman will be serviceable to very good major league pitchers, and Wil Ledezma shut out the Sox - but their position players are worthless. Maybe Eric Munson will be useful someday, Dmitri Young has some pop in his bat, and Carlos Pena is highly touted, despite the fact that he hasn't performed all the well yet, but after those three there's not a whole lot. Alan Trammell's gotta be wondering why the hell he signed up for this crap.

The Sox get Tampa for 2 games before 3 in the Fens against the Yankees. I hope that the hometown team doesn't overlook the D-Rays - the same D-Rays who took two of three from them the last time they met. Boston's a season-high 19 games over .500 right now, but they had the exact same record last year at this point, and all it got them was an early off-season. After the D-Rays, the weekend series against the Yankees in Fenway will be a zoo. The Sox send Pedro, Burkett, and Lowe against Wells, Mussina, and Weaver. Lowe faces Weaver on national television on Sunday night. Those two headcases may not get out of the first inning, they'll be wound so tight.

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