Wednesday, July 16, 2003

American League 7, National League 6

Isn't it annoying when the other side is wrong, but they come out looking right? Last night's All-Star game was exciting, even tense, as it came down to late-inning heroics (a pinch-homer by Hank Blalock), and what with the consequences on the line, it was all that much more interesting. The Selig tinkering is still a bad idea, in my opinion -- and most ballplayers who've spoken out share that belief, but the result seems to have supported the change. Annoying indeed. As a fan whose team is completely out of contention -- and whose only representative was a bench-warmer for this contest, I was wavering between rooting for the NL (the natural selection) and the AL, based on whom I felt would make it to the World Series and get the advantage. And it was perpetually a lesser of two evils decision, whether the Yanks or Braves were more likely to make the Series and which team's win would cause less intestinal burn. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that I could bear to see the Braves win it all just a tad more comfortably than seeing yet another Yankee-purchased trophy. That's when Blalock went yard.

In the noticeably absent Mr. Russell's place, I will simply say that you'd think the 2003 All-Star Game would showcase more of the 55-38 Red Sox than one weak, 8th-inning groundout from Nomar, but clearly the Sox have bigger goals in mind this year. They have a big homestand on the horizon against hit-or-miss Toronto (4), hapless Detroit (2), nearly as hapless Tampa Bay (2), and the possibly Benitez-laden Yankees (3). They should aim for taking 7 of those 11; doing so won’t necessarily guarantee them a first-place tie, as the Yanks' road is equally easy to hoe (featuring ho's like the Tribe, Jays, and O's).

Today marks one of the two days of the year (the other being two days ago) that there are no games played by any of the big four sports. Coincidentally/suspiciously, DirecTV came through for me two days ago. Bastards. Tonight, in place of any real sports, we have the ESPY Awards. Tomorrow night ESPN is airing a mock trial (featuring Alan Dershowitz and Johnnie Cochran) on whether Pete Rose should be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It just became official; these two shows bookend Jerry and George's pilot in the Top 3 Shows About Nothing. Considering the latter part of the Mets' season begins tomorrow, there's a whole lot of inconsequential bullshit on the tube for me these days. More time to work on the house and watch the kids, I guess.

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