Thursday, July 31, 2003

Game 107 - Mets

Mets 2, Brewers 0
Record: 44-63

For all intents and purposes, Bud Selig still owns the Brewers. So does Al Leiter. He hasn't lost to them since 1994 and is 10-2 lifetime against the Crew. He made it look so easy where his predecessors in days past had made it look so difficult. You have to to love Al Leiter. He's the second-best acquisition the Mets have made in 10 years. (Piazza's #1, though this year he's not helping that argument.)

Speaking of acquisitions, yesterday Kevin Appier, his sore arm, and his 5.63 ERA were cut by the Anaheim Angels. Would that they could, the Angels would have cut his $12M salary for next season, but they'll have to swallow that. Appier was dealt to the Angels less than two years ago for fellow inactive Mo Vaughn. And while you can't rightly compare him to Big Mo, what with that World Series ring on his finger, this megadeal of two players worth millions and millions of dollars appears to be a disaster all around. I guess the Angels figured their sucking up of 12 million was not as bad as the Mets losing 17 mill a season for Vaughn.

Lots of blockbuster deals are supposedly in the works to be made before the trade deadline this afternoon. My prediction: The Red Sox make a minor deal, if anything, but the Yankees do something to make Rob Russell rant and rave about Steinbrenner, the lack of a salary cap, and how plain unfair the whole system is. (A little secret: don't make the Yanks look bad one week before the trade deadline.)

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