Thursday, September 18, 2008

We All Fall Down

Game 152 - Red Sox

Rays 10, Red Sox 3
Record: 89-53


And with that, the Sox are playing for the Wild Card. Up 7 games with 10 to play and the happy haunts of 2004 remind us that the 4th playoff slot is by no means a death sentence. (Though the ghastly ghouls of 2006 have a counter-argument.) This uninformed but not unopinionated observer says the Sox should take the next 10 days to rest those that need rest and prepare for the Angels.


Nick said...

You are probably right. One measily home game is all you get for winning your division and you wouldn't be able to get that game in the ALCS anyway because of the Halos' record. Better to put 'er in cruise control, rest up those arms (abuse the call ups) and get ready for Fall Ball in 12 days.

I hope to be in the same boat around this time next week.

TJ said...

I hate you all.