Saturday, September 06, 2008


Games 138 through 140 - Red Sox

Red Sox 14, Orioles 2
Red Sox 5, Orioles 4
Red Sox 8, Rangers 1
Record: 83-57

Apologies for the light blogging of late. As it turns out, rowing on the Schuylkill River isn't terribly conducive to intelligent discourse. Or to whatever it is we do here.

While I was away, the Sox sandwiched a pair of laughers around the marshmallow fluff of one of the most bizarre endings a lad could want. The Orioles encapsulated the Peter Angelos regime quite nicely, combining baseball incompetence with apparent indifference as they squandered a 4-0 7th inning lead to the Sox, capping the collapse with a throwing error by pitcher Jim Miller that allowed Alex Cora to skip home with the winning run - the Sox tallied the game-ender on a single, badly defended bunt, criminally badly defended bunt sequence. The O's have been equal opportunity lapdogs in the past two weeks, so the Rays and Yankees can't complain too much.

Josh Beckett elicited sighs of relief last night, returning from a brief DL stint to toss five shutout innings at the Rangers. Mike Lowell also came off the shelf to drive in 4 runs on 3 hits. The timing, she is good.

Up 5 1/2 on the Twins (for whom the timing - in this case of the Republican National Convention - she is bad) in the Wild Card race and trailing the Rays by only 2 1/2. As I told my father last night, I'd like the Sox to get as healthy as they can over the next 3 weeks - the postseason is the objective, whichever road they take.

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