Saturday, September 27, 2008


Game 160 - Mets

Marlins 6, Mets 1
Record: 88-72
Magic Number to Ruin Another Season: 2

Ridiculous But True: One of the worst films comedic genius Chris Farley ever produced was a piece of garbage called Beverly Hills Ninja . . . and I saw it in the theater.

More Ridiculous But True: David Hasselhoff has signed on to star in Beverly Hills Ninja 2, a surely ill-conceived sequel to that terrible movie.

Most Ridiculous But True: There's no way in in the world that that at sequel will be nearly as hideously painful to watch as this re-make of the New York Mets' September 2007.

When the pressure is on, this team folds like a manila origami taco singing "Brick." It's systematic, automatic, and it's beyond problematic. The only redeeming aspect to watching this eyesore night in and night out? That it will undoubtedly last but two more days.

(Oh, and memo to Jose Reyes: Hanley Ramirez eats your lunch each and every time your two teams meet. Without fail.)


killthedh said...

Whatever happens, it is sweet to contemplate that Shea is closing with a very meaningful game. Unlike the CATHEDRAL.

Did a ballpark ever close with an elimination game? The closest I can think of was 1996 (when the Braves played their last game in Atlanta Stadium in the World Series).

killthedh said...

Follow up: Astrodome and Busch Stadium apparently lasted until the NL playoffs.

killthedh said...

Just finished watching the finale.

Did you know that Dan Uggla has killed right handers this year, but has been absolutely hopeless against lefties? Apparently Jerry Manuel didn't either, and Uggla made him pay to learn. Instant insurance run.

Dave Johnson's Mets might have lost the game too, but not that way.

Whitney said...

I can't even begin to dissect why they lost thee games yet. They lost too many, too many they should have won. Ugh.

killthedh said...

You're right. And anyway, Manuel won one Saturday by making a RIGHT decision.

Hand the ball to your best pitcher and let him keep it. He'll know what to do with it.

Funny you mentioned dissecting. Don't take the scalpel from your best dissector and pass it on to the stitch man. Until it's time to sew the stitch.