Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fresh Kills

Game 156 - Red Sox

Indians 4, Red Sox 3
Record: 91-65
2.5 GB Tampa Bay in AL East, 6 GA NYY in Wild Card

Yesterday in the comments section I was asked a question about the Sox' postseason alignment. Today, after watching the Sox lose a game at home with their "big-game" pitcher on the mound facing a rookie with a nearly 6.00 ERA, that question seems to border on the ludicrous.
I guess it would be useful for me to gain some perspective - I could be a Mets fan, after all - but there's something...just...a...little...off about the Sox right now. They're giving off a faint whiff of 2005 as the season closes. Let's hope a clinch today gives them a chance to spray some Febreze around the old ballyard.


TJ said...

I like where this is headed...

TJ said...

(Teeth clenched) congrats rob

rob said...

awwww, yeah!