Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loser's Town

Game 145 - Red Sox

Rays 4, Red Sox 2 (14)
Record: 85-60

The man is working me like a red-headed rented stepmule today, so just a quick and dirty recounting of last night's game.

If Tuesday's loss was a modest cockpunch, last night was a full bore knee to the groin accompanied by a full Chicago Smile and a healthy dose of Charlie Horses. And then seeing your woman leave the bar with Jeremy Shockey. This one hurt. The Sox had and completely blew all sorts of chances to win this game and climb to within a half-game of the Rays. Instead, the young Rays put another notch on their big-game resume, and build thatmuch more confidence headed into the stretch run.

But at least the Royals beat the Twins today. Backing in to the's fannnntastic.

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