Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Chi Chi, get the yeyo

Game 137: Yankees

Yankees 13, Tigers 9
Record: 73-64
Yep, the Yankees won last night. And yes, this is actually the second day in a row I've posted. The world is ending...soon. Some homeless guy just told me.

Look, the Yankees scored 13 runs on 17 hits. Alex Rodriguez did well, or so the box score said. The staff still managed to give up 9 runs. Sidney Ponson is still the Aruban Hideki Irabu.

None of that matters. I come here today to highlight the major league debut of one Phillip "8 Ball Of" Coke. #48 in your scorebook, #1 in your nose. Mr. Coke threw one solid inning in his MLB debut, even striking out two Tigers. Plus, his last name is Coke. Don't you see how much fun we can have with his name?? Don't you see it??????

God this season is wearing on me. See you tomorrow, when I recap tonight's sure loss to the 1st place Tampa Bay Rays in haiku.

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