Monday, September 29, 2008


Games 161 & 162 - Mets

Mets 2, Marlins 0
Marlins 4, Mets 2

Final Record: 89-73

2nd Place, NL East, 3 GB PHL
2nd Place, Wild Card, 1 GB MIL

Thoroughly deflated, all I can muster today is the thought that these two games fairly well encapsulated the sickening roller-coaster ride that was the 2008 Mets season. Stirring performances displaying abundant talent to breed real optimism followed by lackluster, empty performances demonstrating a depleted sense of the moment to dash hopes and befuddle followers.

Much will be made of another Met collapse. It will grow tiresome and tedious, and the Mets themselves will be forced to answer one million questions that don't help them ready themselves for next season. This is what you have wrought, my friends, so don't look to the Township for support. When you see yourselves issuing crucial gopher balls or popping out meekly in key spots -- over and over again on the telly -- you'll get a sense of what we waded through.

My diligence in the MLC endeavor was spotty this season, but attention to the Mets was not. When Met-loving friends and relatives cashed out at various intervals in 2008, I hung in there, sure I'd be rewarded for my persistence. Instead, I got a conclusion the likes of which turns idealists into cynics. Here's hoping a long winter's nap on the Mets can rejuvenate my outlook on this ballclub.

Good night.


abolish-the-dh said...

Whitney: Maybe as time heals the wound it will strike you that the windup at Shea was perhaps the most dramatic ballpark closing ever. From what I heard (on the radio) the frenzy persisted until the very last out, and then they had the closing ceremony. No way could anyone have planned for that.

I'll miss Shea. It was part of my childhood, therefore part of me.

Whitney said...

Not so sure. More than once Gary Cohen commented that the sell-out crowd was startlingly silent. The "punch in the gut" game (as Keith called it) took the air out of the fans.