Wednesday, June 13, 2007

White Zombie

Game 63 - Red Sox

Red Sox 2, Colorado Rockies 1
Record: 42-21

MLC fan (and co-proprietor of Gheorghe: The Blog) T. Coraghessen Boyle is all atwitter this fine morning, as his New York Yankees surged to their 7th consecutive victory last night. The Bombers are now 31-31, which is obvious cause for celebration. Yay, mediocrity!

We kid, we kid. It's an article of faith among Sox fans that the Yankees will rise like freaking George Romero zombies and stagger menacingly after the heroic, innocent red-stockinged heroes. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Or something.

Speaking of mediocrity, I had the following conversation with my colleague this morning:

Rob: Soooo, Whit. We planning on turning MLC into a Sox-only site, or should we look for Mets-related content anytime soon?

Whit: Traffic. Interview. Playdate. Dodgers.

Rob: What? There's a ton to talk about, right? Every team goes on a skid - our fan(s) wants to know how it feels.

Whit: Solar flares. Elton John. Tidal wave. John Maine.

At that point, I gave up. Here's hoping my pal gets something to you in the next few days, because I'm traveling for work and won't even see the interweb until Saturday.

Timmy Wake was sweet last night, just like the little girl with the curls. Just enough offense got him the win - it was good to see Tito and the brain trust elevate Dustin Pedroia to the leadoff spot and move Lugo and Crisp down. Pedroia's leadoff single in the bottom of the 8th became the winning run, and Lugo actually contributed with double and a steal to account for the first run. Papelbon was overpowering - nice, neat, and tidy.

I play the final games of my Arlington County Men's Softball career this evening. It's a bittersweet moment., you've heard that one before? Whatever. It's been terrific. Thanks for all the fish.


Whitney said...

So the rain extended your playing career, eh?

rob said...

unlikely, unfortuately. i'm out the next 2 weeks, so looks like the career ends with a whimper rather than a popout.